Saturday, July 29, 2006

Make the 1st Law for 1000 Years!

The challenge has gone out to the people of Wales to suggest which laws should be the first to be proposed by the National Assembly - the first time for 1000 years that an Assembly representing only the people of Wales has been able to propose "primary legislation".

The Government of Wales Bill became an Act on 25 July and, in spite of its pitiful nod in the direction of genuinely devolved democracy, it does at least give the National Assembly a chance to propose laws to Westminster (where they have to clear 5 hurdles before they become law). Dafydd Elis Thomas, the Presiding Officer of the Assembly and a past President of Plaid Cymru, has challenged the public to come up with suggestions for the first law they wish to be passed and Plaid Cymru in Montgomeryshire is making a bold attempt to canvass the people's views.

On four evenings in the autumn Plaid candidates David Thomas, Nerys Evans and David Senior and a Plaid elected member will be holding open, public meetings in informal settings where the public will be encouraged to suggest new legislation and question the candidates on their own opinions. It is unheard of these days to hold public political meetings inbetween election campaigns and many parties only admit their own members anyway but Plaid is convinced that people are interested in politics if they think their views can really make a difference. With current concerns about health, energy and farming high on the agenda the meetings promise to be lively affairs.

Everyone is welcome to attend one or more of these public meetings for all or even part of the evening. They will all start at 7.30 p.m and will be on Tuesday 19 September in the Hand Inn Llanrhaeadr with Elfyn Llwyd MP (Plaid Leader in the House of Commons), Thursday 28 September in the Raven Inn, Welshpool with Ieuan Wyn Jones AM (Plaid Leader in the National Assembly), Thursday 9 November in Plas Dolerw, Milford Road, Newtown with Jill Evans MEP and Thursday 16 November in Plas Dolguog, Machynlleth with Dafydd Elis Thomas AM.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Blaenau Gwent - a not-so-silent earthquake

Congratulations to the people of Blaenau Gwent who gave in neither to the perceived threats nor bribes of Peter Hain.

Let us hope their brave stand will encourage others in next May's Assembly elections to believe that the sky won't fall on their heads just because they don't vote Labour and that principles are more important than a voting tradition which goes back generations.