Monday, January 15, 2007

Plaid increases pressure against Post Office closures

Plaid Cymru this week stepped up the campaign to save sub post offices in Wales. In Westminster they called to re-allocate contracts and to provide adequate funding for sub post offices and colleagues in Cardiff Bay put pressure on the Assembly Government to make representations to the UK Government opposing the planned closures.

In an Early Day Motion tabled in Parliament Plaid’s Westminster Leader Elfyn Llwyd MP, called on Members of Parliament to join him in condemning post office closure plans and to support the party’s campaign to save threatened rural post offices in Wales.

Also this week Plaid launched their online petition opposing sub post office closures: The petition will be presented to the DTI.

Although post offices are in the private sector they do provide a vital public service, especially in rural areas where they often double up as the only retail outlet for miles.

In taking away vital income streams such as television licence and the processing of benefits and pension entitlement, the Government has made it practically impossible for sub postmasters and mistresses to earn a living and is forcing them to close their businesses.

It is Plaid’s priority to put pressure on the DTI to re-allocate contracts and provide adequate funding to sub post offices to expand on the services they offer.


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Anonymous said...

A vitally important campaign for Plaid to pursue in rural areas like Powys. The DTI's closure plan clearly shows the indifference of the London political establishment to the needs of communities in Wales.

Plaid has announced an exciting idea in its Change for the Better Vision statement to create a Welsh People's Bank administered through the Post Office - creting vital new income streams.