Monday, May 01, 2006


David Thomas, Plaid’s Montgomeryshire Assembly candidate, called today for help for Montgomeryshire businesses hit by the latest round of increases in fuel prices. Speaking in Llanwddyn on a visit to Glyn Roberts, a local haulage contractor, David Thomas said “Many of us have no option but to travel long distances to work and businesses have to spend a lot of money on fuel before they can start making a profit. Public transport in Montgomeryshire is not too good and many families have to run two cars as a necessity not a luxury. Although the present rise is caused by fears of a shortage the Chancellor could reduce the tax on fuel (currently about 63% and the highest in the EU) or give a rebate on, for example, road fund tax at least to all businesses registered in Montgomeryshire and he could do this without affecting any of his public spending plans.”

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Ffion Thomas said...

Dwi'n cytuno. Mae'n warthus ein bod ni mewn ardal sydd heb trafnidiaeth cyhoeddus digonol yn ceal ein cosbi am hyn. mae trethi uchel ar betrol efallai yn syniad da yn y trefi lle mae opsiwn arall bydd yn arwain at leihau y llygredd a'r difrod rydym yn gwneud i'r byd, ond mae hyn yn afresymol yng nghefn gwald Cymru. Ond wrth gwrs, ni all y mwyafrif o wleidyddion deall hyn.