Sunday, April 22, 2007


Plaid is the only party which intends to set year-by-year reductions of carbon emissions. Our 3% annual reduction will keep us focussed on the target of creating a cleaner, greener Wales by 2011.

Already Wales is in the forefront of clean energy production. The biomass heating system in my village of Llanwddyn which heats the school, community centre and 29 houses by woodchip is a prime example of the sort of cleaner, community-based energy production which Plaid will encourage. On-shore windmills (Labour’s preferred solution) have a place but Plaid wants to see a much broader range including off-shore windfarms, solar, biomass and water energy generation. Plaid will review the TAN8 regulation governing the citing of onshore windfarms.

We may not all be able to generate energy but we can all save it and Plaid will give universal 50% grants for insulation with more help for those on low-incomes and the elderly. We will introduce a national reward scheme for businesses and households which reduce energy usage. All government buildings will be carbon neutral by 2012 and Plaid will seek to devolve building regulations so that we can adopt the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Transport in Montgomeryshire is a real problem. We are at the crossroads of Wales on both the North-South and the East-West routes. The A44 from Llangurig to Aberystwyth is regarded by the AA as the most dangerous in Britain and public transport is so poor that more households own two cars than anywhere else in Wales. Plaid is in favour of bypasses for Newtown and Llanymynech and a massive investment in rail and bus transport within the county. The challenge to keep Montgomeryshire a green county while also improving transport links is a stiff one but Plaid has the expertise and imagination to meet it.


Tulse said...

I think you should be a bit more specific about your plans for public transport in Mongomeryshire. How will you work to bring about the hourly service on the railway to Aberystwyth? Will you push for a feasibility study on a revived railway from Mid Wales to Cardiff?

I am ambivalent about Plaid Cymru after comments by one of your colleagues from Anglesey regarding nuclear power. It seems he is in favour of it, astonishingly. Is this party policy? If not, has your colleague been reprimanded?

David Thomas said...

Angus Eichoff spoke to a Plaid Constituency Committee meeting last year concerning the Mid Wales to Cardiff link and I have since written publicly in support of his proposals. We need to give a lot more thought and investment to transport links within Wales and well as outside Wales to Liverpool/Manchester/Chester/
Bristol. The hourly service to Aber is set up and it now remains to get the trains to stop at a station (i.e. Carno) to link rather than between villages as at present (Talerddig). If Andrew Davies is replaced next week it might be easier to move that forward.