Friday, April 20, 2007

Plaid4Maldwyn - an important blog in Welsh politics!

No doubt along with the other 46 Welsh political bloggers this blog has been chosen by the National Library as part of the UK Web Archiving Consortium Pilot Project "because of its importance to Welsh politics"!

I am truly flattered and mark the occasion by a genuine blog entry rather than the usual copies of letters and press releases which I put up.

I am aware that I have been criticised in the blogosphere for hosting a blog which has not been personalised enough but, in my defence, I should like to point out that I have authored all but perhaps one or two of the entries so far. Two, I believe, at most are adaptations from press releases received from Cardiff. Right now I can't remember which they are but maybe that could form a research project for some nerd in the future!

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