Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another English solution to an English problem!

The Labour Party really needs to get its energy policy sorted out.

While Labour at Westminster wants Wales to build more nuclear power stations Labour in Cardiff is pressing for more and bigger wind farms but not, it would seem, in their own back yard as the Labour AM for Conwy, Denise Jones, apparently opposes the 300 turbine off-shore Gwynt-y-Mor project.

How simpler it would be if we in Wales could decide ourselves what to do with our own natural resources. Currently Wales generates about 36,000 GWH per year (about 10% of the UK total) but consumes only about 21,000 GWH. The Labour government in London wants us to increase production to about 45,000 GWH. There might be a case for this if the wealth generated stayed in Wales and was used by those communities where the natural resources were found in the first place as happens in Norway where remote communities often have first class school and recreational facilities because they receive the profits generated by the sale of hydro-electricity in their region.

Far from sensitive community-based alternative means of energy production, however, Labour in both London and Cardiff want to foist either nuclear power stations or massive wind farms onto the landscape or seashores of Wales.

This is an English solution to an English problem. Energy production should be totally devolved to the National Assembly and the many sensitive, community-based schemes such as the wood fuel heating project for the school, Community Centre and 29 homes in Llanwddyn should be the template for the future.

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