Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hands off our water!

After 2 weeks' unseasonally heavy rain in Montgomeryshire we may be forgiven for thinking that the drought orders in the South-East of England have nothing to do with us.

The Government of Wales Bill, however, currently going through Westminster specifically forbids any future Assembly government from making use of Welsh water in any way which affects the "water resources, supply or quality of water in England".

Indeed not only will the Assembly Government not be able to profit from one of Wales' natural resources (and an increasingly valuable one) but there will be nothing to stop water companies in England from obtaining compulsory access to water sources in Wales since the required legislation will go through Westminster and not Cardiff. Another Lake Vrynwy or Llyn Tryweryn cannot be ruled out so watch out Dolanog and Cwm Nant-yr-Eira - they could get you yet!

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