Sunday, June 25, 2006

Plaid’s Montgomeryshire Team Gets Grilled!

Labour has made a mess of the Assembly and shouldn’t be trusted with the new powers it will receive in 2007. That is the message that three of us - all Plaid candidates in the 2007 Assembly elections - will be taking around Montgomeryshire in the next few months.

Nerys Evans and David Senior (first and second on the list for Mid and West Wales) and I (Montgomeryshire candidate) will be holding a series of “Grill the Candidates” sessions in the coming months which will be open to members of the public.

Labour has made the Assembly a talking shop. They haven’t used their existing powers responsibly and have been content by and large to follow the party line dictated by London. Plaid aims to change all that by using the new powers from 2007 in a responsible and sensible way for the benefit of all the people in all parts of Wales.

Plaid has chosen a great team to represent Montgomeryshire. David Senior is a Welshpool Town Councillor and Nerys Evans, a political officer in the National Assembly, at 26 really does represent the up-and-coming generation of Welsh people who have confidence that the Assembly, in the right hands, can deliver for the people of Wales. If people wish to vote for another party in the constituency they can put Plaid as their first choice on the Regional List in the certain knowledge that we have a team which is dedicated to improving schools, hospitals and roads as well as stimulating private enterprise in Montgomeryshire.

The “Grill the Candidates” meetings start in the Railway Inn Penybontfawr on 19 September and continue in the Raven, Welshpool on 28 September, Plas Dolerw Newtown on 9 November and Plas Dolguog on 18 November all starting at 7.30 p.m. There is a warm welcome to the public of all political persuasions and none.

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