Saturday, June 03, 2006

British Values? Don't make me laugh!

When English schools come to the chapter on Fair Play in their textbook on British Values I hope that there will be room for an alternative point of view, in the interests of fair play, you understand.

If there is then maybe it will include reference to the fact that the Government of Wales Bill currently going through Westminster specifically excludes any future Assembly Government from profiting from the sale of Welsh water, one of our natural and increasingly valuable resources, to England. English companies, though, could obtain compulsory orders from the Westminster government to gain access to Welsh water sources.

And when they come to the chapter on Democracy I hope they will be told about their Leader who, against the wishes of the natives, is forcing on them more nuclear power stations and a re-structuring of their police forces. They may also learn about the rules for electing representatives to the National Assembly which even their own Electoral Commission regards as undemocratic.

This "British Vales" book should be a scream!

And why do English schools have to learn about British values? Haven't they got any of their own?

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